Wine Cooler Reviews

Wine Cooler Reviews

Wine Cooler Reviews

NewAir 32 bottle wine cooler

When choosing a wine cooler their are a lotof decisions to be made and different options you can choose. I will help you narrow it all down. If we could have what we wanted we would actually have a wine cellar made of stone because it’s simply the best way to cool your wine and keep a constant temperature. Not to mention it’s pretty cool when your giving the house tour to be able to say ” Let me show you my wine cellar”. Wouldn’t that be cool? The only problem with this is who has room for a whole wine cellar not to mention neighbors complaints when you start digging with heavy equipment to build one. So while that is the optimal choice the wine cooler reviews here will be for something a little more reasonable to your neighbors that will go in your house and blend in with your lifestyle.How To Choose A Wine CoolerThere are many choices in the home wine cooler market, so how do you choose which wine cooler is right for you or a loved one. I have come up with a simple list to help you decide. 

How To Choose a Wine Cooler Checklist

  1.  How much space do you or your loved one have for a wine cooler? Actually measure because usually when we don’t actually measure what we think will fit won’t.
  2. Budget, How much can you afford to spend on a wine cooler?
  3. Are you a simple wine drinker or are you leaning more to the collecting side of the wine hobby?
  4. Locks, Do you need a locking wine cooler?
  5. Decor what type of trim or style of wine cooler blends in with your house or cabinet style.

The number one thing on the list above is space. Why well, space determines everything in wine coolers. Meaning do you have an extra cabinet that you can spare to put your wine cooler in or does it really need to be a small counter top unit that holds one to six bottles. Or could it be a larger free standing unit that actually does double service as a side table in your living room. Or do you have a lot of space and want a large free standing unit.Budget is very important as well when deciding which wine cooler to get because you can find wine coolers for a little under $100.00 all the way to sky is the limit. It just depends how much you can afford to spend.Are you a wine drinker or more of a collector? Ifyou are more of a wine drinker you don’t need to store as much wine for as long as if you were a collector. So decide how many bottles you want to store then I would say add 8 or 9 to that number just to be on the safe side. Let’s just say I have outgrown a few wine coolers.Locks, do you need a locking wine cooler? Whylocks well if you have children at home some people like to lock their wine coolers but usually people that collect wine that can be either expensive or hard to replace want to protectit from unsuspecting house guests that are just helping out with dinner and decide to open a bottle for you but it’s that very old bottle that you just bought at an auction. Or simply the wine you had at your wedding that you were going to share at your 20th wedding anniversary.Decor, what wine cooler style goes with your home and your lifestyle. Wine coolers come in many different finishes some blend in well with existing finishes and some try to stand out it’s just what fits your style and what fits in your home.Cabernet Sauvignon                     White Wines                   Mixed Packs

My Wine Cooler Choices

I will give you some choices of wine coolers that I like starting from small to large. There are really a lot of choices in the marketplace now so there is something for everyone but with so much choice it makes it hard to pick just one. So this will be my list of choices that I would recommend.


  Avanti 12 Bottle Counter Top Thermoeclectric Wine Coole

I really like this wine cooler. It just works, takes up very little space on your countertop and has a very low price. One of the great things about this is it stores a few bottle standing up which is great for those half bottles that you re corked because who wants to clean up spilled wine.Haier 16 bottle dual zone wine cooler

 Haier 16 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

I really like the Haier wine coolers. They make good wine coolers. This model in particular is one of my favorites. The thing I love about this model is it has dual zone cooling at a very cheap price that is something you usually only see in higher end models.Danby 36 bottle wine cellar   Danby 36 bottle Freestanding Wine CoolerI have not used this wine cooler but I have two friends who own it and they loveit. The price was right and it was a good wine cooler to grow into for them.SPT WC-3302US 33-Bottle Under-Counter Wine Cooler    SPT WC-330 02 US Under Counter Wine Cooler Commercial GradeThe SPT Commercial Grade under counter wine cooler is pretty straight forward. Its stainless it gets cool and it stores a lot of wine. That is what I like about it. It’s not beautiful it’s kind of utilitarian which if you have the right decor is what you need.  One thing about this wine cooler is that it’s kind of loud. So, this may not be the choice for you if you have a really quiet environment. But if you have a large family tv’s always on etc.

So which Wine Cooler Will You Choose

These are some of my favorite wine coolers I would recommend each of them for different reasons of course. Every one has it’s downsides but are outweighed by the positives. Be sure that once you buy one you will probably fill it up and end up buying a larger one down the road. Enjoy your wine.

NewAir 32 bottle wine cooler

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