The Best Gaming Chairs of 2014

The Best Gaming Chairs of 2014

Best Gaming Chairs of 2014

Who would think that we would even have gaming chairs? I mean look where this all started. Kids playing video games one-quarter at a time in the confines of their local video arcade or a couple of machines tucked in the corner of the local pizza joint. Now we have come all the way to where you can have a full game system in your home that is so much better than the one at the arcade. Not to mention it comes with a special gaming chair to play it. So no more quarters to put in that slot. Man how many of us have wondered how many quarters we have put in arcade game slots over the years. I know that I sure have. But with a good Quality Gaming Chair and system I can have a better gaming experience than I ever had at the arcade, and I don’t have to let the person who put the next quarter on the machine go, before I play again.

X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal Video Gaming Chair, Wireless, Black

Do You Need A Gaming Chair

Do you really need a gaming chair to play the game? No, you really don’t. You actually need the game system and you can get by without the chair. However  it’s just a really nice addition to have and really adds to the whole gaming experience. The gaming chair  does make it more enjoyable when you are playing your games. When  you are sitting in a gaming chair it allows you to become fully immersed in the  sound of the game play, as the stereo speakers are positioned perfectly for the best hearing. and with some chairs you can even feel it in the chair when an opponent strikes you or you crash in a car racing game. Now to you and me this may not be a big deal but if you are a gamer which let’s face it a lot of people out there are. This full immersion is a big deal to them. Ask your kids or your husband or even these days your girlfriends they are all gamers they can tell you the difference between having a quality gaming chair and just playing on a console. Sure it can be done but it’s not their favorite way to play.

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How To Choose A Gaming Chair

Choosing a gaming chair does not have to be hard there are a few different options for you to look at when choosing a gaming chair for yourself or a loved one.

Checklist For Choosing A Gaming Chair

  • Is the gaming chair compatible with the game system or systems of the person who the chair is for?
  • Is the gaming chair in your budget?
  • What features does the gaming chair have?
  • Can it support the weight of the intended user?
  • Will it fit in the room you expect it too go in? If not will it fold up for easy storage.
  • Is it the best gaming chair you can buy?
  • If this gaming chair is a gift, Which chair does the person really want?

Best Gaming Chairs For Kids

When choosing a gaming chair for children think about where are you going to put the chair and where are they primarily going to be using it? Usually with children’s gaming chairs you can get away with smaller chairs that are lower to the ground and many of them actually rock like a rocking chair. Yes, they actually do rock as well. My nephews play their games while rocking back and forth on the chair below. Children’s gaming chairs are typically pretty inexpensive for the chairs that you get. They usually last a long time as well simply because children do not weigh as much as adults.

Cohesion XP 2.1 Gaming Chari

Cohesion XP 2.1 Gaming Chair with Audio


 X Rocker 5171401 Fox Wireless 2.1 Sound Video Gaming Chair by X Rocker




Intex Pull Out Gaming Chair


Intex Pull-out Chair

Best Gaming Chairs For Adults

Gaming Chairs for adults are a different ballgame compared to the gaming chairs for kids. For one they are typically more like office chairs with a pedestal or even some are designed like the seats of a sports car. So much more comfortable, higher off the ground and typically have much more padding. Yet at the same time won’t usually last as long because they get more use because adults don’t have mom and dad, telling them to put down the controller and because adults are simply heavier.

X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal Video Gaming Chair, Wireless, Black

X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal Video Gaming Chair, Wireless, Black

Open wheeler Racing Seat Driving Simulator Gaming Chair with Gear Shifter Mount

Openwheeler Advanced Racing Seat Driving Simulator Gaming Chair with Gear Shifter Mount

X-Rocker Spider Wireless Game Chair

X-Rocker Spider Wireless Game Chair


Gaming Chair Compatibility

This is the number one thing that will drive which gaming chairs you have to choose from. If you or the person you are buying the gaming chair for uses a certain game system find out before you buy them the gaming chair. That way you can buy them a chair that is compatible with their system beforehand and they won’t have to return the chair to get one that will work with their system. Trust me there is nothing worse on Christmas morning than opening up the gift that you asked for and then finding that it doesn’t work with your game system.

What is your budget for the gaming chair? Don’t worry if the chair you intend to buy is not really in your budget look around here there are many options at many different price points. There are chairs for all budgets from less than 100 dollars all the way up to thousands of dollars.

Can the gaming chair you are looking at support the weight of the person who is going to be using it? This is a big one. You may find a good deal on a chair that is only $79.00 but it probably won’t support the weight of your husband who weighs 200 lbs. for the long-term. However this chair would probably be great for your 5th grade daughter and it will last her a long time.

Is this the best gaming chair you can buy? Now that may seem like a strange question but these gaming chairs have some pretty high-end software and hardware components and just like computers it’s best to buy the models with the best you can afford so they last the longest.

If this gaming chair is a gift which chair does the person really want? Now we all have our wants and they may have a reason for wanting certain things. Such as most adults typically want a pedestal type chair because they don’t like sitting on the ground they would rather sit up high like in an office chair or in some cases kids want a chair where multiple chairs can be hooked together and they may want the same chair their friend has. So ask them. You may not be able to accommodate their choice but if you know why they made the choice then you might be able to get a different chair with the same features for cheaper.

Which of These Gaming Chairs Do You Like?

Which one of these chairs do you like? Any of the chairs on this list would make a great choice for yourself or a loved one just remember when choosing a gaming chair to use the checklist above to help you make a choice and don’t forget to choose one that is compatible with the game system they are using. Happy Gaming.



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