Interactive Dog Toys Are Great For Your Dog

In the past when I wouldBuster Food Cube Large Size leave my dog in the yard and go somewhere he would dig and bark and do the normal things that dogs do when they are bored. I mean come on put me in a fenced yard and see how long it takes before I’m complaining right. So I did what everyone told me to do get him some toys. Well that was really good it worked for a little while and he played with the toys and was fine. But then he got bored with that. So I got him Interactive dog toys. These are toys that dispense treats when he plays with them, or solves a puzzle like the Buster Food Cube. These are really great and trust me they hold his interest like you wouldn’t believe. There is nothing he likes more than a treat.

Kong Wobbler Dog Food And Treat Dispenser

The Kong WKong Wobbler Dog Food And Treat Dispenser obbler Dog Food and Treat Dispenser is very popular around my house it. You put the food in the base of the Wobbler and screw the bottom back on then it stands up like one of those punching dummies. But when your dog hits the Wobbler  with his nose or paws it wobbles and bounces back up. If they do just the right way food will come out. This toy will slow down that dog that eats way too fast and just gulps down his food. That is one thing I like about this toy. Just let him watch you put the food in the first time and show him how it stand up and push it over once or twice and let a piece of food fall out and trust me he will understand how to work the Wobbler.         BUY NOW

Dog Games Paw Hide Treat Toy

Dog Games Paw Hide Treat Toy

I don’t have the Dog Games Paw Hide Treat Toy yet. But, this will be my next purchase. The Dog Games Paw Hide Treat Toy seems  to be very popular and a lot of dogs have to work pretty hard to get their treats out on this one.

Some people say you have to worry about dogs who are chewers with the yellow parts of the toy but my dog is not a chewer so I shouldn’t have that problem. My friend has this for her dog and it is interesting watching her figure it out. The first time it took a little while but then her dog figured out the best way to get the treats out.                                                                                                        BUY NOW

Dog Toys That Dispense Treats Are Great for your dog. Trust me you will love them simply because they stop your dog from gulping down their food or in my case they keep them entertained when I leave to go shopping or go out for a couple of hours in the day. Your dog will just love them because hey they love treats. Your dogs will get smarter through using this not smarter like they can do more things but they will start to figure these toys our after a while so get a couple and switch them out. That’s why I’m thinking of getting the Dog Games Paw Hide Treat Toy just to throw something else into the mix and make my dog have to do some real work to get the food out.

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