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Preorder Your OUYA Console

OUYA ConsoleOrder Your OUYA Console Now

The new thing in gaming is about to hit. The OUYA Console will change gaming in the way that Netflix killed Blockbuster.

What is the OUYA Console? Simple the OUYA console is the new thing in console design. For one it’s beautiful made of sandblasted aluminum and plastic about the size of a Rubik’s Cube. You simply download any game you want over your network to the OUYA box and you can try it for free. Yes try every game for free. How many times have you bought the disk and were sorry? I know me too but if you don’t like the game you don’t pay. If you do like it you decide to pay for it and get the full game.

OUYA Console

Product Specifications

  • Includes: 1 OUYA wireless controller/Case: Sand-blasted Aluminum and Plastic
  • CPU: nVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad-Core / Memory: 1GB RAM
  • Dimensions: 75mm x 75mm x 82mm (2.9in x 2.9in x 3.2in) / Weight: 300g (10.5 oz)
  • Storage: 8GB Internal Flash Storage (expandable via USB Port) / USB: One USB 2.0 port, One Micro USB port
  • Connectivity: WiFi (802.11 b/g/n), Ethernet port, and Bluetooth / Output: HDMI (up to 1080p HD)
 One of the great things about this OUYA is that you can expand it simply by connecting an external hard drive to the USB port and you are good to go. Where else have you found a gaming console under a hundred bucks? Preorder Your OUYA Today