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Kettler Trimmstation Swing Set On Sale

Kettler Trimmstation Swing SetKettler Trimmstation Swing Set On Sale

The Kettler Trimmstation will be a great addition to your backyard at just the right time of year. With the days getting longer finally your kids will have plenty to do on this kettler all metal swing set. I personally have this in my backyard and it has been there now for three years and my nephews and nieces love it. It really has all the bells and whistles for a really low price. There are bars for swinging on and if I remember my grade school days having dog fights on but maybe kids don’t do that today. Hopefully not anyway. There is only one swing which personally I wish there was at least two but there is also a trapeze swing to play on which they seem to like. Overall this Kettler Trimmstation is a great metal swingset. The finish has lasted it’s not simply paint it’s more like a powder coating of some sort and the directions are pretty straight forward. Remember those metal swingsets when you were a kid and you would swing and the legs would come off the ground? I thought this might be the same and I was right so this is set up with longer poles and anchors to be put into cement so plan on doing that when you purchase this set. Other than that I recommend it highly much better than the big box store products. I would buy Kettler again.     BUY NOW