Stuart Weitzman Women’s Eyespy Sandal 34% off at Amazon

Stuart Weitzman Women's Eyespy Sandal


These Stuart Weitzman Eyespy pink strappy sandals are just begging to be taken to the beach or picnic the first time it’s warm enough to wear your new sundress. So if you are looking for some new sandals to go with a new outfit for the spring or just something to wear around with a bathing suit then these are the ones for you they come in several different colors and they are 34% off. These are very beutiful sandals with nice straps and silver accents. They come in many different colors to show off whatever outfit you choose to wear that day. Not to mention these are really tiny and flat so they fit just great in that carry on for your beach trip.


“Wheels by Duncan (Colors/styles may vary)” 19% off

duncan wheels yoyo

I thought hey the first deal on should be a deal on a yoyo. hey I have a since of humor so I found this Duncan Wheels yoyo at Amazon it’s 19% off it’s normal sales price and the #1 best seller in yoyo’s at Amazon. What I really like about this yoyo is that it’s actually the one I had as a child except the one that I had had a silver wheel in the middle so it was actually like a car wheel and tire and I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. Now what I liked about it is that it’s a little heavier than other yoyo’s so it’s easy to do the sleeper and other tricks that require a little more weight to your yoyo.