The Best New Winter Coats For Women.

The Best New Winter Coats For Women.

New Winter Coats for Women.Womens Winter Coat

It’s that time of year again the leaves are turning those lovely shades of red, yellow and even gold. The weather is starting to get a little cooler, heck in some places there may even have been a small dusting of snow all ready. So now is the time of year to be shopping for new winter coats for women.

You want something that will be fashionable yet will still keep you warm on those cold winter days. It also has to blend in with the clothes you normally wear at the office or in your work life.  It is not a small feat to find all of these features in one coat. You need something that goes with your lifestyle from work to home to out on the weekends. A winter coat can be a very large purchase in fact it can be the most expensive wardrobe purchase a woman makes. So this is an important decision for you. Your climate will ultimately determine what type of coat you buy. Not to mention your personal style. This is a lot to ask for a winter coat but you can find the perfect coat for you.

Types of Women’s Winter Coats.

There are many different types of women’s winter  coats to choose from. Where you live, your environment, and your personal style will help you choose the coat for you. Will it be a long trench style coat for those freezing winter days with snow or will it be a short sexy crop style leather bomber jacket on those days that aren’t so cold. When you just want to be warm and have a little style.

Wool CoatsPea Coat

Wool coats are a standard bearer in womens winter coats,  they are very warm and have a timeless style. Isn’t that what most women want when shopping for a winter coat warmth and syle. Now in the old days a wool coat was thick and heavy in order to make it very warm but now with newer technologies they can make a lightweight wool coat warm. I know best of both worlds. This way they are still stylish but you can still stay warm through the winter. They come in all lengths and sizes from waist length pea coats for those warmer days or just going around town. to calf
length full wool coat for those heavy snow days.

Pea Coats

Pea coats are a really great choice they come from the military so you know they are long lasting and versatile. The great thing about a pea coat is that it becomes what you make it. So if you put it over a suit for a business meeting it’s all dressed up. However you put it over tights and a pair of boots to get your kids from lacrosse practice it’s casual. The pea coat is truly a chameleon in that way. That’s why I feel every woman should have one of these if not two.

Womens Down CoatsTommy Hilfiger Pea coat

Down coats come in many different styles as well. Everything from the big puffy let’s go snowboarding jacket to that little thin windbreaker that fits just perfect and looks so stylish on you. Down coats are great choices like the pea coat as a coat that can do double duty both at the office and on the weekend. Or just going to the mall.

Which Coat is For You

I’ve highlighted a few coats above. Any of them should serve you well no matter your climate or what type of style you have. A thing about style a beautiful coat can be an anchor for your wardrobe something you build outfits off of. So what you can do is buy a new coat every winter until you have a few different choices, in this way you can build and actual wardrobe instead of just having clothes.






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