5 Growlers Worthy of Your Brew.

5 Growlers Worthy of Your Brew.

Growlers Worthy of Your Brew.Stanley Classic Insulated Growler

First of all what is a growler? Simply put a growler, is a jug or bottle or bucket to carry your freshly poured beer from the brewery to your home, or your friends house, or to the beach for a barbecue. Basically it’s a way to carry beer. So you can show your friend this new brew you tried at the brewery. You can just have it poured  in your growler at the brewery or brew pub and take it over to his or her house for a tasting right there and then. So what makes a good growler, It has to be able to do the job of carrying beer. For me it must be easy to clean, It must have a decent handle. Because let’s face it you don’t want to drop it. So these are some growlers that I feel are worthy of your brew.




5 Growlers I like.

Let’s just say I like having a way to carry my beer. So, I have a few growlers laying around. That can be blamed on the law here in California. I will get into the craziness of the California growler law later.  Not to mention  if I see a new design I want to try it out. So here are my 5 favorite growlers.traditional beer growler


5 Growlers I like.

My current favorite growler is the  Stanley Classic Insulated Growler. This is my current go to favorite growler. This growler does it all it keeps your beer cold for a full 24 hours. So there is no excuse for warm beer in your life. Not to mention all parts of this growler that touch beer  are stainless steel so no plastic mixed in your beer.  This growler just looks like you mean business. Buy it here.


The Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Wide Mouth Water Bottle and Beer Growler.

I love this growler slash water bottle. I have used it for both. Honestly I use it more for a water bottle then a growler but it works great for either one. It keeps beer cold for up to 24 hours and coffee or hot water hot for several hours at least. I also love the fact that you can buy an after market lid attachment with a straw. The Hydro Flask is  one of my favorite beer growlers  I really love the powder coated finish on the Hydro Flask products I chose the black but they have every color you can imagine. Buy it here. 

DrinkTanks Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Beer Growler with Keg Cap - 64 oz

DrinkTanks Stainless Steel Beer Growler With Keg Cap. 

The DrinkTanks growler is very unique it is actually a 64oz double walled stainless steel growler like some of the other popular brands on the market. Where it differs is important however because that’s about all it has in common with a normal beer growler. The big deal about this growler is the keg tap that injects CO2 into your beer so it stays fresh. Your beer won’t go flat this way. Who likes flat beer? This thing is awesome for tailgating. Buy it here.

Old Fashioned Stoneware Jug Growler

Old Fashioned Stoneware Jug Growler.

I really love this growler not because it’s a great growler which it really is besides the fact it’s hard to clean. But when I was a kid my grandpa had an old Dickel whisky jug sitting on one of his shelves and the look and shape of the bottle looks just like this one. Just without the label. So whenever I use this growler it takes me back to being a kid looking up on that shelf and seeing that bottle sitting there. Buy it now.

glass 2 liter growler amber

2 Liter Metal Handle Growler Amber.

This growler is great because it just looks old fashioned and cool. I like the amber color. The  sturdy metal handle that goes all the way around the growler on the bottom. This is really sturdy and allows you to easily hold onto your growler which is kind of the point because growlers are kind of like the laptops for beer, they are meant to be travelled with. If only you could get your growler through the TSA, right. So this is a good one. Buy It Now.

California Growler Laws.

So here’s the deal with the law in California regarding filling of growlers at your local brewhouse. Prior to this year the ABC said that breweries could only fill growlers with their own distinctive logo on them. Then ABC revised it’s rule saying you could fill any growler with any label in your establishment.  But the rules were hazy at best did you need to cover the old label with tape or permanently or not at all for the brewery to fill the growler. So most places stuck with the simple we only fill growlers with our own label. Not to mention it was great for growler sales.

Governor Jerry Brown signed a recent law that now states breweries can fill any growler as long as the label is semi permanently covered up. So mine is covered with tape. Simple as that. Now the law doesn’t require breweries to fill other companies growlers but the ones that really just want you to enjoy their beer will do it. Then there are those other places that just want to sell you growlers. Only buy beer at the first kind of place.




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