Best Gaming Chairs of 2019


Best Gaming Chairs of 2019

Several of these chairs are the same make and model as the ones on the list in 2018. However a lot of these chairs have been upgraded with new features and creature comforts for 2019. Some are totally different designs all together. There are many of the same models however there are some brand new names we have never heard of before.

Do We Really Need Gaming Chairs

The truthful answer is no we do not. However they simply make gaming more enjoyable and more exciting. It simply feels like a more immersive experience which is hard to believe.  With todays video games being such immersive experiences all ready. But, you really notice the difference when you are sitting in a gaming chair and you feel the rumble in the back of your chair as you are taking fire from an enemy or smashing in to a wall on a race track.


Most Expensive Gaming Chair Check it Out


Another Great Reason To Get a Gaming Chair

When I did the comparison of gaming chairs a few years ago I got a whole bunch of chairs and set them up around my house because I had never really used a gaming chair before. I thought this would be a great way to test them out. Well  my nephews and his friends came over and they had a blast. But you know what happens when you have a bunch of teenagers and video games and snacks, of course they spilled.  So another great reason to get a video gaming chair is that  the kids would much rather sit  on a 100 to 200 dollar  gaming chair to play games than on your 1000 to 2000 dollar couch or love seat when they are playing games. So when the spills happen which they eventually will it’s not on your nice furniture.

How To Choose a Gaming Chair

Choosing a gaming chair for yourself or a loved one is not that hard. There are a few options to choose from when choosing different models of gaming chairs which will help you decide which chair is right for you.

  • Is the gaming chair compatible with your game system or the gaming system of the lucky person your buying the gaming chair for or is it simply for PC gaming in which case it doesn’t need to be compatible?
  • Is the gaming chair in your budget this is a big one?
  • What features in a gaming chair are important to you or your loved one?
  • What features does this gaming chair have?
  • Can the gaming chair support the weight of the intended user and the size that they will grow in a couple of years?
  • Is it the best chair you can buy?
  • If this gaming chair is a gift, what gaming chair does the recipient really want?

Gaming System Compatibility

It is important that the gaming chair you buy is compatible with the gaming system that you are or your loved one is using. So all of these chairs i’m reviewing will be compatible with the Xbox or Playstation gaming systems as those are the two dominant brands of gaming systems on the market today.

Gaming Chair Budget

Buy the best gaming chair for your budget. In this list there are gaming chairs that go all the way from several hundred dollars all the way down to less than a hundred dollars that still have good features and do the job, so there is something for everyone.

How Large Is The Person Using the Gaming Chair

How big is the person using this chair. Their are gaming chairs for both adults and children. So you need to pick based on the size of your user. Adult chairs are build bigger and stronger to handle the weight and increased size and strength of an adult or teenager who thinks their an adult. This is important because you would not want to buy the same gaming chair for your six year old daughter as you would your sixteen year old son. First of all she’s always going to need help getting into the chair made for someone as tall as him. Not, to mention his weight is going to destroy a chair made for someone like her that only weighs sixty pounds

Gaming Chairs For Kids

Gaming chairs for kids are build much smaller and lower to the ground to fit your child’s smaller size. they have a much smaller build and a much cheaper cost in general than an adult gaming chair due to the fact that they won’t be supporting as much weight as the adult gaming chairs. There are a few quality gaming chairs for kids below, any one of them will serve you well at  a few different price points.

Ace Bayou V Rocker kids gaming chair

 Ace Bayou V Rocker Gaming Chair For Kids


Ace Bayou X Rocker 5143601 II Video Gaming Chair, Wireless, Black

 Ace Bayou X Rocker 5143601 II Video Gaming Chair 

Extreme X Rocker

Extreme X Rocker

Gaming Chairs For Adults

You will find that gaming chairs for adults are built more like high end office chairs. Many sit on pedestals a lot taller than a normal office chair  so you can sit in a more comfortable position and they are more adjustable for long gaming sessions. Often times kids and teens prefer a gaming chair built for adults because they are the size that fits them and it’s simply more comfortable to them. Gaming Chairs for adults are built of stronger more high quality materials so they stand up to a heavier taller   person using them for what could be hours playing their favorite game. The adult game chairs listed below are highly recommended and they will last a long time.

x rocker pedestal gaming chair



X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair, 






Player One Pedestal Gaming Chair with built in wireless




Player One Pedestal Gaming Chair With Built in Wireless.







E Win Racing Style Gaming Chair




E Win Leather Racing Style Gaming Chair






It’s nice to know what gaming chair does the person really want especially if it’s for a gift. If it’s in your budget that’s great just get them the one they want but if it’ snot in your budget check the features of the one they want and buy one that has all the same or most of the same features as the one they wanted. Trust me they will be happy. Trust me anyone getting a gaming chair for a gift is going to love it even it’s not the one they wanted.













Refrigerator Sale Just in Time

New Fridge

Refrigerator Sale Just In Time

Both Sears and  are having a refrigerator sale including as well as all other appliances but for me the refrigerators are important right now .  Why,  time well let me tell you about myNew Fridge fridge. It needs to be replaced soon. Let me tell you about my refrigerator I have a Kenmore side by side refrigerator all in all it has been an awesome fridge keeneed a new fridgeps the beer cold and the steaks fronzen and it has an ice maker and water dispenser in the door and all that jazz. Right everything is great untill it wasn’t. It all started with some small yellow spots almost looked like dots of dirt or like someonespilled orange juice on the fridge below the water dispenser. Which okay I simply will wipe it off. I wipe off the spot and the paint comes off when I wipe. So what’s underneath the paint. Oh not much just a big brown ugly rust spot which as you can see from the pictures I took look really great on the backdrop of my stark white fridge. So I start thinking man how can this be I have only had this fridge for about 5 years or so there is no way it can be rusting out all ready and besides who has even heard of a fridge door rusting before not me thats for sure. So I call Sears and have a repair guy come out to look at my 5 year old fridge. Of course this is going to take about 3 weeks or so but who cares it’s onrusty fridgely a few spots of rust and my fridge still keeps the beer cold and the steaks frozen. So I get out the binder that has all the different manuals to all the nces in my house and find the one for the kenmore side by side refrigerator. Guess what my fridge is 15 years old. I can’t believe it I thought I had bought this fridge about 5 years ago and it’s actually 15 years old. No wonder the doors are starting to rust. But oh well I decide to see what the repair guy has to say.

Can My Fridge Be Repaired

So the repair guy comes in and takes one look at my fridge and asks what’s the problem so I show him the door with the rust. He pretty much tells me that this is a very old model and that they tend to over time either get a small leak of water around the water dispenser or they build up condensation around the same area behind the metal cover of my fridge and over time it simply starts to rust from the inside out. Basically if I want it to look pretty I can paint it or I can buy a new one. So he told me wait till Sears or Home Depot have their annual sales and go find a great deal on a nice fridge. Besides he told me white fridges are out and stainless steel fridges are in. Personally I don’t care.