5 Back to School Shoes

Back To School Shoes

If you are here you are shopping for back to school shoes. Everyone knows the one thing the kids want to be right is their back to school shoes. For some reason to a kid a pair of shoes is style and function and cool all wrapped up in one neat little package that you tie on your feet. To parents it’s just something we have to buy and hope they don’t grow out of by Christmas. So here are 5 back to school shoes that you just can’t go wrong with.

You Don’t Need These Really Expensive Shoes To Go To School Just Good Shoes

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The Best Indoor Putting Green For Your Home

Star Pros Pro Am 5 Hole

The Best Indoor Putting Greens For Your Home

When practicing your golf game it seems we will spend hours and a lot of money at the driving  range hitting bucket after bucket of balls. But the one thing most golfers  ignore is practicing their  putting. I mean lets face it it’s simply more fun to drive the ball for 200 yards then to try to learn to putt better and only hit it 15 feet only to miss by 2 inches. But with practice you can really improve your golf game by improving your putting skills.

How To Improve Your Golf Putting Skills

So many people wonder how do you improve your golf putting skills. That’s simple just like everything else in golf and many other things in life simply practice and muscle memory. You must practice putting to get better at it. What would your golf score look like next year if you simply did 100 good putts a day for a year. What do you think the chance of you doing 100 putts a day are at the driving range or the golf course are? That’s right, zero you won’t get there. Simply life will get in the way of your putting practice. The best way to practice is with an indoor putting green either in your house, office, or even your dorm room. Trust me they make an indoor putting green that will fill all of these spaces as well as all of these budgets. You could have everything from the most high cost indoor putting green you can imagine. If that is what’s in your budget or if that’s simply what you want and what you think will make you a better golfer. Or you can find something that fits in your budget as well as your space a little better.

5 Perfect Indoor Putting Greens For Your Home

Proffessional Practice Green


Professional Practice Green




Big Moss Augusta Putting Green


Big Moss Augusta Putting Green




Birdie Ball Indoor Putting Green



Birdie Ball Indoor Putting Green





Star Pros Pro Am 5 Hole


Star Pro’s Pro Am 5 Hole




Grass Roots Par Three Putting Green


Grass Roots Par 3 Putting Green



There is everything in this list from indoor putting greens that cost over one thousand dollars to some putting greens that are under one hundred dollars so there really is something for everyone. Not to mention some of these indoor putting greens are meant to be installed and left in place and others you can simply unroll and use then when you are done you can roll them back up and put them in their container and put them away. So you can use this in the living room if you want to.