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Kindle Deals Now Thanks to FAA Press Release

FAA Press Release Loosens Rules On In Flight Electronics Usage.

Thanks to the FAA for going ahead with this ruling. Now we will be able to use our electronics in flight Kindle Fire HDX Dealthis includes eReaders, tablet computers and laptops. This ruling will not be a blanket ruling from this day forward but more an airline by airline rollout of the program. But many of the larger US Carriers are already prepared for this ruling and are ready to go. So Put your tray tables up and turn on your electronics.

Kindle Deal in Honor Of FAA Press Release

In honor of the FAA ruling Amazon is having a special sale today only on Kindle’s they will be 15% off. So if you are thinking of getting someone a Kindle or Kindle Fire HD or a Kindle Fire HDX today is the day you can save 15% simply use coupon code ThnksFAA at checkout.

Kindle Fire Makes a Great Gift.

The Kindle Fire really does make a great gift. Both for that person in your family who loves to read because it’s a really great eReader but also it’s a great gift simply because the Kindle Fire HDX is a pretty high-end tablet with HD screen Dolby sound and all the bells and whistles you expect to find on a much higher cost tablet but with a much lower price. I will pick a couple of these up for my niece and nephew.

Zoomer Robot Dog A New Pet For You

Zoomer Robot Dog A New Pet For YouZoomer Robot Dog

The Zoomer Robot Dog Is This Seasons Hottest Toy

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Zoomer just might be the perfect robot dog for your family. Your son or daughter will just love  Zoomer, he  is the perfect toy for kids. He can learn to do tricks just like a real puppy not to mention he never has to go outside or leaves a mess on the carpet. You can teach him to roll over, sit, speak shake his paw and much more. Zoomer the Robot Dog is made by Spin Master.

See The Latest Price On Zoomer The Robot Dog

When Zoomer Comes To Your Home He Needs To Be Trained

Zoomer is made for children 5 years and older. When he comes to your house he needs to be trained. Zoomer can learn his name and other commands in English, Spanish, or French, Once your child starts training him just like a real dog. That is when the fun really begins. Zoomer loves to be trained to do new tricks. Zoomer can be trained to recognize words and eventually his new owner this is great fun for your children. Zoomer will eventually recognize over 25 commands. The more your child plays with him the more he will learn.

Zoomer just might be the perfect dog for your family. He will never leave a mess on the carpet and will never eat the couch when you are out to lunch with your friends.

I have to say that last year when Zoomer came out during Christmas I loved him and I loved playing with him. However a lot of customers were complaining about Zoomer simply not working for them at all or suddenly he would just stop working so I had to stop recommending Zoomer as a toy. Now I think that SpinMaster has all the kinks worked out of this  robot dog and you will be very happy with your purchase. I must say the people who had a working Zoomer really loved him and I took a lot of heat for not recommending him. But I just couldn’t recommend a toy that some child might open up on Christmas morning and it wouldn’t work. So now I think Zoomer is up to par.

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