Malin + Goetz Skincare Solutions Deal

  Malin+Goetz Skincare Solutions [spacer height=”20px”] Malin+Goets  Skincare Solutions for every type of face and complexion. Malin+Goetz are offering 3 free samples plus free ground shipping on your order of $75 dollars or more. This is great skincare for all skin types, yet still smooth enough for sensitive skin Malin + Goetz has just the product … Read moreMalin + Goetz Skincare Solutions Deal

Top 5 Standing Desk Floor Mats

Topo by ErgoDrivenIf you are like me you simply love your standing desk. But with all good things there are some downsides to a standing desk. Namely, the foot and ankle pain that come with having and using a standing desk. The answer to this is a standing desk floor mat. Having a floor mat to stand on allows you to use your standing desk and  enjoy all the benefits of not sitting all day, while at the same time avoiding the foot and ankle pain that come with using a standing desk.

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