Unique Bike Storage Solutions

pallet bike rackBike Storage Solutions

If you are like a lot of people including me,  you don’t have much extra space in your garage for your bikes. When you get a large family or even one person who rides a couple of different bikes they can start to take up a lot of space. So if you add up two kids bikes, mom and dads mtn bikes and maybe a road bike or two it can really start to take up a lot of space. A bike rack in your garage is a good place to start in cleaning up the clutter that is your families bikes. This will give your more garage space and it really makes your bikes easily accessible so you can ride them. Especially kids bikes. They should be accessible so a kid can go get on their bike and go for a ride without needing mom and dad’s assistance. I just think if they have to ask you to help them get their bike down they will ride less than if they can just go get it themselves. There are really several options of how and where you can store your bikes in the garage.

  • Bike Rack
  • Bike Lift Hoist
  • Wall Mounted Bike Rack

Bike Racks

To me the best method for Garage Bike Rackstoring your bikes in the garage especially if you have little ones who need access to their bikes is a bike rack. It’s simple to use cheap to buy and you can store a lot of bikes with it. Depending on the model you can get bike racks for one bike all the way up to 5 or more bikes at a relatively cheap price. The one downside of a typical bike rack for your garage is that it keeps the bikes on the floor of the garage. That is prime real estate in any garage so most people are trying to get their bikes up off the floor.

Bike Lift Hoist

If you are looking to get your bikes up off the ground then the Bike Lift Hoist is for you. You simply mount a pulley syBike LIft bike Hoiststem to the roof or ceiling of your garage and connect the ropes to your bike and pull it up to the ceiling. This system is not for kids. I don’t think you would want your children trying to pull their bike up to the ceiling because if it fell it could hurt them. Not to mention would they really pull it back up or would they ride it and just lay it down in the garage. This is the best system for getting your bikes up off the ground and out-of-the-way. I have even seen them connected over the car that parks in the garage this clears up lots of space. But then in order to get your bike down to ride you have to move the car. That’s a problem.

Wall Mounted Bike Racks

Wall Mounted Bike Racks like the Delta Leonardo are probably my favorite type of garage bike rack solutionDelta Leonardo Bike Rackn. You simply lift up the front of the bike and hook the front tire onto the wall mount bike rack and your good to go. They get your bikes out-of-the-way without having to actually pull them up to the ceiling like a bike lift hoist and if you mount them low on the wall even your children can manage putting a bike onto and taking it off of a wall mounted bike rack. The best way to mount these types of bike racks to be used by kids is to mount them so the back wheel is hanging just a couple of inches off the ground. That way the bike can’t really fall that far and it’s easy to get up and down off the rack.


The Perfect Bike Rack For Your Dorm Room

If you are looking for aRacor Pro PLB-2R Two-Bike Gravity Freestanding Bike Stand dorm room bike rack or even a bike rack for your apartment, there are several models to choose from. The key to a dorm or apartment bike rack is that you simply can’t drill holes in the walls right because everyone wants to get their deposit back. For your money I feel like the RACOR gravity freestanding two bike rack is the best deal. It has a wide base that sits on the floor and it leans against the wall and it holds two bikes up out-of-the-way. This is a great rack for people who can’t drill holes in the walls and just need a little more space in their dorm or apartment.

Any of these bike racks should suit you and your family just fine. Once you get your bikes up off the floor and onto racks or hanging from the wall or the ceiling you will be surprised how much garage space you have now. Just try not to fill it up with more bikes.