Art Advantage Wood Art Box Easel Paint Set Review and 54% off Today

Art Advantage Wood Art Box Easel Paint SetArt Advantage Wood Art Box Easel Paint Set Review and 54% off Today

ART Advantage Wood Art Box Easel Paint Set Review

This is a really great price on a nice real wood box easel. I prefer the real wood as opposed to the plastic ones I have seen they just seem more sturdy and real to me. What I like about this box easel is that I’m not one of those people who have a dedicated place in my home to paint draw etc. I need to be able to put it away and pull it out as I have time to do it. Not to mention the fact that I like to be able to take my easel other places to draw with such as down by the ocean in Monterey. The normal stand up easel just is not as moveable and transportable as this small wooden box easel. One other thing I like about this easel is the storage drawer it’s fairly large size so you have a place to put all your paints when you are done. This is also great for when the nephew comes over he sits at the kitchen table and  paints to whatever he can come up with and I don’t have to worry about paint all over the kitchen table. So it’s a win win for me. BUY NOW

Pro Series 63153 60″ x 24″ Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier Review and 40% off at Amazon

Pro Series 63153 60" x 24" Hitch Mounted Cargo CarrierPro Series 63153 60″ X 24: Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier

With summertime coming just around the corner this Pro Series 63153 Cargo Carrier is just the thing to add a little more storage space to your car, truck, SUV, or even the RV when you go camping or motorcycle riding or whatever it is you like to do. i originally borrowed the Pro Series Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier from my neighbor to go on an extended camping trip a couple of years ago and since then I have borrowed it a couple more times. But when I saw it on for such a low price I decided to get one for myself. I actually told him I should give him the new one since I used his so much but then he reminded me that he always borrows my garden tools and such. So it all works out in the end right.

Pro Series 63153 Hitch Mounted Mounted Cargo Carrier

The Pro Series 63153 Cargo Carrier mounts fits into a 2″ receiver which is available on most trucks and SUV’s. For a car you might have to have a trailer hitch installed. The actual platform for storing your stuff is 5 FT X 2 FT. so its a pretty large surface and it has six-inch rails all around with convenient lugs to connect nylon tie downs or rope to secure your load to the rack. There is a very large nylon bag that is made to fit the Pro Series 63153 but I use it without the bag, howeverI will be doing a review on it later. That seems like it might be a good product I don’t know how it will do in the rain though. One thing I like about the Pro Series 63153 is how truly strong it is its rated for 500 pounds. I don’t know how much weight I have put on it bu I put a mid size motocross bike and extra fuel on it for a pretty long trip with no problems whatsoever. I also think you could use this hitch mounted cargo carrier to move around your electric wheelchairs or other types of heavy assistive devices so you can take your loved ones out-of-town with you. Just be sure to cover their wheelchairs up for the weather so they don’t get damaged. I definitely recommend this product. I only wish it came with some type internal locks like some modern bike racks do nowadays. BUY NOW